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Sandeep Jaitly: Gold is the Constant


By GoldSwitzerland


Sandeep Jaitly: “GOLD IS THE CONSTANT”

At a recent Munich seminar with keynote speaker of the “New Austrian School of Economics” Professor Antal E. Fekete, financial journalist Lars Schall met up with Sandeep Jaitly, the editor of the Gold Basis Service, for a Matterhorn Asset Management September interview. In this audio interview below Sandeep discusses in layman’s terms the permanent and rising backwardation in precious metals and gold as the universally acceptable ultimate extinguisher of any debt among other things.Sandeep Jaitly was born in London. He attended Tiffin School and studied mathematics at Imperial College, London. On graduation, he began working in finance at Odey Asset Management, Ruby Capital Partners, and Soditic CBIP. Currently, he is an investment manager and strategist at First International Group PLC in London. Since starting to synchronize with Prof. Fekete’s work, Sandeep has concentrated on its application to practical investment with emphasis on the gold market. He lectures worldwide on a broad range of topics related to Mengerian economics together with Prof. Fekete. He has established a unique bullion fund that allows investors to earn a return in gold upon their gold holdings. In August 2012 he received a PhD from the New Austrian School of Economics.

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