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Ronni Stoeferle

Ronni Stoeferle

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Ronnie Article 2024 GoldSwitzerland

2024 – A Year in which Social Tensions Will Deepen further: Anecdotal Evidence of Three Worldviews

In Europe, many countries have been seething since 2015, when the first major wave of refugees reached Germany and Austria in particular. In the US, it was the election of Donald Trump as President in...

Ronni Stoeferle / January 11, 2024

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Select 5 Signs that Gold Will increasingly Flow to the East 5 Signs that Gold Will increasingly Flow to the East

5 Signs that Gold Will increasingly Flow to the East

The reshaping of the world economy and the global (political) order is in full swing. It is a long process, the concrete outcome of which is uncertain in advance and associated with numerous impondera...

Ronni Stoeferle / October 13, 2023

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Recession ante Portas: Which Assets Perform Well in Recessions?

It is considered the most anticipated recession of all time – the one looming in the US. And although countless indicators ranging from the yield curve, the Leading Economic Index (LEI) and PMIs to pr...

Ronni Stoeferle / July 4, 2023

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Showdown on the Markets – in 5 Charts

There is a good reason why the Chinese understand the saying “May you live in exciting times!” as a curse. Economic and (geo)political developments in recent weeks and months have indeed been exciting...

Ronni Stoeferle / April 13, 2023

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5 Reasons Why Gold Is Green

A closer look reveals beyond doubt that, contrary to a multitude of reports and prejudices spread by the media, gold can already be classified as a very sustainable investment in the sense of the ESG...

Ronni Stoeferle / January 13, 2023

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Ronni Stoeferle: 5 Reasons why the Classic 60/40 Portfolio Is History and Gold Is Becoming more important in the Portfolio

Gold has largely been able to cushion stock price losses during recessions. For bonds, the classic equity diversifier, on the other hand, things look less good. High levels of debt, the zombification...

Ronni Stoeferle / November 12, 2022

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5 Reasons Why Interest Rate Cuts Are Already Around the Corner

Given the record high inflation, real interest rates are still clearly negative, giving the impression that the current global cycle of interest rate hikes is far from reaching its end. But this con...

Ronni Stoeferle / July 21, 2022

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World Monetary System

Why Gold Will Benefit from the Inevitable Reshaping of the International Monetary System

February 27, 2022, will go down in economic history as a major caesura, an epochal turning point. On February 27, the member states of the European Union declared Russia's currency reserves unusable....

Ronni Stoeferle / April 15, 2022

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MAM Advisor, Ronald Stoeferle, Explains Why 2022 Will be a Golden Year

Matterhorn Asset Management advisor and Incrementum, AG Managing Partner, Ronald Stoeferle, shares his 2022 outlook for gold. As one of the world’s leading precious metal experts and author of the glo...

Ronni Stoeferle / January 17, 2022

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