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USA Watchdog homes in on the Swiss ‘GoldInitiative’

Edward Maas

By Edward Maas

Greg Hunter interviews Egon von Greyerz about the Gold Initiative

October 30 – 2014 (30 minutes)

Egon von Greyerz: “Let’s first say that the government is against it. So, they are in the “No” camp and so is the Swiss National Bank. They are not supposed to campaign officially in these kinds of referendums, but they still are making clear statements that it is dangerous for the Swiss National Bank to lose its powers to . . . manipulate the market. So, the “No” camp are afraid they will lose the power to print money, and manipulation of markets is going to be taken away from the Swiss National Bank. It’s too early to call it, but I would say we stand a very good chance. I am firmly in the “Yes” camp, and I am a great believer in this fight for sound money.

Click here to see a partial transcript on the USA Watchdog blog.

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