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Gordon T Long – Switzerland will print more money than any other country

Edward Maas

By Edward Maas

Gordon T Long interviews Egon von Greyerz – Dec 16, 2014

“Switzerland will print more money than any other country”

In this video recorded interview with Gordon T Long of the Financial Repression Authority Egon von Greyerz explains that the rejection of the Swiss Gold Initiative will lead to the Swiss National Bank printing more money relatively than any other country, initially to defend the Euro/Franc peg and eventually to save the Swiss Financial system which is the most leveraged in the Western World.”

    Egon and Gordon’s discussion also includes:

  • Money printing to resume/continue in all countries in 2015 including the US
  • Social security and Pension Schemes will fail. US pensions $10 trillion underfunded!
  • Oil price fall and risks for financial system including a $500 billion liquidity shortfall in early 2015
  • Debts and asset values will implode
  • Gold will resume strong uptrend with $10,000 minimum target

Courtesy Macro Analytics

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