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PMs smashed and Fires everywhere

Edward Maas

By Edward Maas

Gold & Silver Smash & Fires Burning Everywhere In The World
King World News 5 July 2013


Greyerz: “Eric, “On a day like today investors have to put aside the short-term action in gold and silver and look at the fundamentals. It’s hard to know where to start, Eric. There are fires burning everywhere in the world, and these fires can’t be extinguished.

Therefore, all governments and central banks will do is put more fuel on the fires because they don’t have any other tools to rectify these massive problems that we have in the world.

Any of these fires could be the catalyst for the next major crisis, and the next crisis in the world will be much more severe than in 2008. I’ve previously stated that Japan is a basket case that can never be saved. And of course Japan is the world’s 3rd biggest economy…..

The full interview can be read on KWN…..

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