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By Matthew Piepenburg


VON GREYERZ partner, Matthew Piepenburg, joins Dunagun Kaiser of Liberty & Finance to discuss the clear and present dangers facing the US and global economy despite rising equity markets. 

The conversation opens with the “embarrassing ice cube” of paper money losing purchasing power in the face of growing debt levels. Despite these objective realities, the majority still measure their wealth in a factually declining paper “asset/currency” in a dangerous group-think which ignores history (and a fiat crisis) occurring in real time. Piepenburg walks through the “backdoor” liquidity measures which artificially sustain markets near-term at the long-term expense of the currency whose inflationary realities are openly but legally misrepresented.

Inflation, in fact, is just theft by another name. Piepenburg unpacks this otherwise dramatic observation with sobering math and reveals the desperate tricks used by DC to mask this desperate practice of inflating away government debt via currency debasement on the backs of the citizens.

Debt and inflation are two obvious signals of currency debasement; of equal and rising importance is the equally ignored (or misunderstood) reality of de-dollarization as the BRICS+ nations continue their slow and steady policies to trade outside the USD. This has immediate and future implications on USD demand and hence USD strength. Piepenburg discusses the failed politics and failed messaging behind these otherwise open and obvious changes/trends, all of which point with common sense to the rise of real assets in general and precious metals in particular. 

The conversation moves from the obvious importance of gold ownership as an antidote to the foregoing trends toward the more amorphous but undeniable important conversation of politics in general and the timeless importance of freedom in particular. Gold, privately owned/held, is one pathway to ensuring private freedoms despite the increasing declines of such freedoms, from lockdown memories to the future CBDC risks and current failures in the mainstream public and financial media.

About Matthew Piepenburg
Matt began his finance career as a transactional attorney before launching his first hedge fund during the NASDAQ bubble of 1999-2001 Thereafter, he began investing his own and other HNW family funds into alternative investment vehicles while operating as a General Counsel, CIO and later Managing Director of a single and multi-family office. Matthew worked closely as well with Morgan Stanley’s... More...

Matthew Piepenburg

Zurich, Switzerland
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