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Von Greyerz AG
Bahnhofstrasse 43
CH-8001 Zurich

Phone: +41 44 213 62 45

Company identification number (UID): CHE-110.600.917

Commercial Register-Identification number: CHE-110.600.917

VAT number: CHE-110.600.917 MWST

Competent Regulatory Organisation:
SRO of AOOS – Swiss limited corporation for supervision
Clausiusstrasse 50

CH-8006 Zurich
Telephone: +41 44 215 98 98
Email: [email protected]

Von Greyerz AG is a member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM). We are regulated and audited in accordance to the professional, legal and compliance requirements of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). AOOS, an officially recognised supervisory and self-regulatory organisation according to the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act, monitors compliance with the requirements.

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