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Forget Fed-Speak: There’s Nothing “Soft” About Current Landing

By Matthew Piepenburg


Matterhorn Asset Management, AG partner, Matthew Piepenburg joins Kai Hoffmann, CEO of Soar Financially, to follow-up on core themes discussed earlier in the year. Sadly, the trends previously addressed in May (sovereign debt spiral, Main Street pain, recessionary “debates,” open currency risk, inflation forces and a cornered Fed) are empirically worsening. In short: An admittedly dark yet fact-based prognosis for the US and global economy.

Piepenburg discusses in detail why Powell’s attempt to “buffer” against a “soft landing” is an objective failure. Ironically, Powell’s policies suggest he is not avoiding a recession but openly preparing for one.

Piepenburg then addresses fatal bond signals and their implications on future markets and economies. Given the extraordinary “punch bowl” of fake liquidity to stimulate debt-based “growth” and an historically unprecedented debt crisis (9% deficit to GDP), it’s easy to blame this distortion on central bankers, but as Hoffmann and Piepenburg discuss, fingers can also be pointed at production-exporting CEO’s and a retail investor class addicted to years of cheap money. Now, however, the end-game of monetizing debt, markets and political careers is already in motion, and this is not, nor will be, pretty.

Piepenburg is asked how this end-game plays out in greater detail, and offers blunt perspectives which leads toward increased centralization from the very policy-makers who placed the global economy in the distorted corner it now finds itself.

About Matthew Piepenburg
Matt began his finance career as a transactional attorney before launching his first hedge fund during the NASDAQ bubble of 1999-2001 Thereafter, he began investing his own and other HNW family funds into alternative investment vehicles while operating as a General Counsel, CIO and later Managing Director of a single and multi-family office. Matthew worked closely as well with Morgan Stanley’s... More...

Matthew Piepenburg

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