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Announcing Gold Matters—The Timely New Book from Egon von Greyerz and Matthew Piepenburg

By Egon von Greyerz

Founder and Chairman

A Timely Book for a Timeless Asset

Matterhorn Asset Management principals Egon von Greyerz and Matthew Piepenburg are pleased to announce the release of their co-authored book, Gold Matters, in eBook and paperback versions at the following Amazon link. The recent release includes a Foreword from Grant Williams and Ronni Stoeferle.

For our newsletter followers, please know that the eBook will be available at just $1.99 for a limited promo-period. We are confident that Gold Matters encapsulates the core themes of our consistent message for owning physical gold.

In the first week of the book’s release, we would greatly appreciate your feedback (as well as Amazon book reviews—made here) on what we hope will become a leading work in precious metal investing.

Gold Matters is a much-needed examination of gold as a timeless wealth preservation asset in a modern setting of unprecedented financial risk. Never before have financial systems been stretched this dangerously thin. Never before have investors faced a future of such epic change demanding immediate solutions.

Financial Systems Nearing a Tipping Point

MAM’s newly released book makes a blunt yet fact-based case for significant and pending wealth destruction arising from a global convergence of historically unprecedented debt, market, currency and banking risk. As currencies like the Yen nosedive after years of central bank money printing, history confirms that such a debt-to-inflation-to-debasement pattern is nothing new. Other leading currencies like the USD and euro face a similar tipping point as bonds begin their steady fall in an increasingly de-Dollarized new era.

History Lessons

Von Greyerz and Piepenburg open with an objective, reader-friendly yet largely ignored history of central bank and sovereign mismanagement of international monetary and fiscal policies, characterized today by the reckless expansion of the broad money supply to address unsustainable (as well as unprecedented) debt levels. As our readers already understand, such distorted yet consistent policy errors (i.e., solving a record-breaking debt crisis with more debt) have led to the largest risk asset bubbles (stocks, bonds, property) ever recorded in the history of capital markets.

And as history reminds (from ancient Rome to 18th century France or 21st century DC): All bubbles pop. Unfortunately, the interim (and artificially stimulated) pre-implosion euphoria and extreme inflation of risk asset pricing has placed the majority of retail investors into a dangerous and false complacency.

Wall Street pundits, cornered policy makers and an increasingly discredited financial media have deliberately ignored and/or downplayed the fatal patterns and consequences of such desperate money creation to pay for equally desperate debt expansion, namely: The inevitable arrival of wealth destroying inflation, serial market implosions, social fracturing and the classic debasement of the currencies by which uninformed investors otherwise measure their accumulated wealth.

In short, as currencies weaken, so does wealth.

Anything But “Barbarous”

Physical gold, often misunderstood as a “barbarous relic” of the past, is revealed in Gold Matters as an essential real asset in this distorted modern backdrop. With the calm of two market veterans sharing over 70 combined years of experience at the highest levels of enterprise management, global banking, hedge fund, and wealth management circles, von Greyerz and Piepenburg bring much-needed candor, expertise and perspective in identifying the obvious challenges investors face.

As importantly, they offer equally obvious solutions. Their objective critique of, and solutions to, this broken financial system are based on hard facts rather than subjective bias.

With great crisis comes great opportunity, and despite the clear risks and struggles ahead, Gold Matters offers a sane and clear path to wealth generation and preservation in an otherwise volatile future marked by increasing wealth destruction and profound systemic change.

Matterhorn Asset Management is therefore honored and pleased to share this critical new work with our valued circle of informed investors.

Again, and for a direct link to Gold Matters, please click the following Amazon link.

About Egon von Greyerz
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Founder and Chairman

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