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$125,000 Gold Forecast By Clif High

By Egon von Greyerz

Founder and Chairman

$125,000 Gold Forecast By Clif High


Clif High’s very unique Predictive Linguistics system is forecasting hyperinflation starting in 2017 with gold reaching $125,0000 and the Dow a similar level. He used the same method to forecast a landslide win for Trump.
Clif High is probably the most interesting forecaster in the world today and a good friend.

A Dow 125.000 sounds sensational but as I have indicated before, this is not impossible in a hyperinflationary scenario. With gold also reaching $125,000, the Dow / Gold ratio would be at 1 to 1 which is where the ratio was in 1980 when both gold and the Dow were around 800.

The big difference is that whilst the Dow in this scenario would go up 7x, the gold price would increase 100x. Thus, whilst it might seem fantastic with a stock market going up 600%, this is just in hyperinflationary “funny money”. Because against gold, the Dow would actually fall by 93% if they both reach 125,000.

Please click here to listen to the Clif High interview with Greg Hunter

Clif’s earlier interview with Greg Hunter in which he predicts the Trump landslide as well as massive increase in demand for gold and silver is also fascinating listening.

Clif High’s website:

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